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Ungdomsutbytet är en viktig fråga för oss. Åländska ungdomar erbjuds varje år möjlighet att resa ut i världen för att skaffa sig nya erfarenheter och vänner för livet. Omvänt utgör en del av utbytet att utländska ungdomar erbjuds möjlighet att bo ett år på Åland tillsammans med sina värdfamiljer.

10 Aug 2017

I returned from Eurotour and my travels around Finland the day before midsummer. I figured that I should be home to celebrate midsummer the Åland way and with my host family, the Mattsson’s. Apparently, this year (and most years) the island way was to sit stubbornly outside eating food from the grill, along with fresh potatoes and herring. To everyone’s disappointment it was quite cold b...

8 Apr 2017

When I think of Russia I think of three things: first, a somewhat shady, dangerous “oh you’re going there” kind of place, second, the animated movie Anastasia which managed to earn itself the title of one of my childhood (and current) favourites; and third, big fluffy hats, lots of them. No preconception was able to prepare me for the trip.

‘Twas the morning of departure, when all through...

1 Apr 2017

It has now been close to 2 months since I left Australia and embarked on my trip to my new home away from home. During this time, I have had plenty of opportunity to experience new things and to question my own sanity. I am not the type to be consumed by fear but there is something about starting an entirely new life that would be daunting to even the most fearless. Nonetheless, the past...

15 Feb 2017

Hello everyone, 

My name is Phoebe and I will be here on Åland for this year. I come from Queensland, Australia and have been in Finland for 1 month. It was 40 degrees when I left, and after over 30 hours of travel, I was welcomed by the brisk winds of Helsinki.

During my first week in Finland I attended a language camp at Karkku (near Tampere). During this time I was able to experien...

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30 Apr 2017

24 Apr 2017

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